Fuel Properties

The purpose of this work package is to:
• Evaluate materials compatibility with DME (rubbers, plastics, metals).
• Determine DME minimum quality to insure engines durability, covering DME composition / properties and all the test methods for these purposes
• Contact with existing ISO working group
• Determine engine oil quality for using DME as diesel fuel

•DME is a good diesel fuel
– with a low ignition delay for a good start of the combustion
– a short molecule that will burn without soot formation
– contains an oxygen that improve combustion
•But :
– low viscosity of DME : need of a lubricity improver to insure normal service to the injection system
– DME a polar molecule and a solvent : seals materials should be well chosen to be compatible with this new fuel.
– unknown behavior on engine running related to deposit formation and engine oil ageing.
– low calorific power due to oxygen content so higher consumption in volume than diesel fuel