BioDME production

In the BioDME project a synthesis plant was designed and erected downstream an existing pressurized black liquor gasifier(pdf-file). The synthesis plant consists of acid gas removal units, methanol reactors and a DME synthesis unit. About 4 ton of BioDME per day can be produced in the plant. The produced BioDME is stored in a day tank in the plant and in a storage tank close to the production plant. The first BioDME was produced 2011-07-27 and biomethanol was produced 2011-07-18 in the plant. Below are  a few pictures from unloading of BioDME to trailer for distribution to the 4 filling stations.

Quality control and special test experiments

  • During DME production special research tests are in parrallell to the production carried out in a bench scale set up. Studies of benzene removal (from the synthesis gas) with activated carbon and special sulfur clean up tests is carried out in the test rig.
  • Final analysis (Quality control) of the produced BioDME is carried out by several methods: Gas chromatography (FID, TCD, PFPD), Karl Fischer, Total sulfur by UV-F, residue by evaporation.