DME Pilor Plant Development

Down-stream from Chemrec’s existing development plant for black liquor gasification, Chemrec has engineered and constructed a DME plant using novel synthesis technology from Haldor Topsoe. Synthesis gas is produced in DP-1 plant (pressurized entrained flow black liquor gasifier). The synthesis gas is purified in activated carbon filters and in an amine wash. The purified synthesis gas is passing a water gas shift before methanol and DME reactors.

BioDME plant facts

DME Production Capacity  4 tons/day
Pipe installation  10 000 m
Hand valves and on/off valves  1 400 pieces
Instruments  450 pieces
Vessels  30 pieces
Heat exchangers  25 pieces
Process plant footprint  20 x 30 m
Construction cost  20 M€