DME Pilor Plant Development

DME Pilot Plant Development

Engineer and construct a DME plant using novel synthesis technology from Haldor Topsøe, using synthesis gas from a pressurized black liquor gasifier.
DME pilot production

DME Pilot Production

Synthesis gas gas purification and DME production. Quality control of produced BioDME.
Distribution and Filling

Distribution and filling

Distribution of DME from production plant to 4 filling stations in Sweden.
Fuel Properties

Fuel Properties

Evaluate materials compatibility with DME.
FIE Refinement

FIE Refinement

Develop and evaluate Fuel Injection Equipment for DME trucks.
Vehicle Procurement

Vehicle Procurement

Produce DME fuelled Volvo trucks to be used in fild test.
Veichle Field Test

Vehicle field test

Perform field test with DME fuelled Volvo trucks.

Industrial Use

Industrial use

Investigate other use of DME, e.g. blending with LPG.